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Hi, my name is David Gough and I will be your Driving Instructor. I have a vast experience of teaching people to drive and always try to make your experience enjoyable. I tend to use a little humour during your lesson, I'm not a strict, grumpy, old fashioned type but I am going slightly bald! I am a Grade A fully qualified Advanced Driving Instructor (ADI), not a Part Trained Driving Instructor (PDI) as some Driving schools use. I am full time, this is my only job so my commitment is to you. I drove articulated trucks for many years, advanced motorcyclist (IAM) and worked in the motortrade. I started as a Driving Instructor with BSM, British School of Motoring and am a Pass Plus registered Instructor.


18 Years


Teaching people to Drive

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Tel: 01291 424448


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